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Boutique Advanced Tree Grower

About Us

Geham Grove Botanicals is a boutique advanced tree grower specialising in deciduous ornamental trees. Nestled in Geham Valley, north of Toowoomba near the range escarpment, our trees are ready to be transfered "from our garden to yours". 

We use the latest air root pruning pot technology for producing vigorous fibrous root systems. The result is fast growing, healthy, reliable trees with superior post transplanting growth and less loss than any other growing system.

Current Feature Trees
Our Services

In addition to growing and supplying vigorous trees, we also offer the following services: 

Selected Local Area Delivery 

Sourcing Special Orders

Contract Growing

We encourage collection via trailer, car trailer, horse float or truck.


Selected local delivery charges are $100 per hour (min charge $100), calculated on a round trip basis and including loading/unloading. Deliveries are made in an open trailer, not an enclosed truck.  

Please seek quotes from external transport providers for out of town areas. 

Information & Tips 

​Planting Guide


We strongly recommend that your holes are dug and you are ready to plant before you order or pick up your trees.


Click below to download our tree planting guide. 

Root Ball.jpg

Air Root Pruning Pot Technology


Our trees are grown in Air Root Pruning Pots that have directional cusps and holes in its walls. The cusps and holes are designed to direct the roots of the tree to grow outwards towards the holes. When the roots reach the holes they are then exposed to the air which naturally prunes the root tips. This encourages the tree to repeatedly grow more roots towards the holes. The process constantly repeats itself and results in a healthy root ball system of vigorous, active root tips ready to take off when the tree is planted. 

The traditional methods used for tree growing (hard shell containers and bags) are known to cause many problems reducing the reliability and quality of advanced trees. One of the main problems caused is ‘root circling’. Our trees grown in Air Root Pruning Pots will not require root pruning prior to planting as there will be no root circling. When the tree is planted, the fine, dense root system immediately starts to spread. It efficiently gathers an immediate source of nutrients to foster vigorous growth. Transplanting shock is reduced to a minimum and the tree is able to quickly establish itself.

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